This seminar helped put the excitement back in practice!!  Dr Jerome's F.I.T.® Exam communicates chiropractic as well as helping you to examine your patient. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. I've noticed with patient education, an effective exam process is worth a thousand words!!
Thank you so much
J Maxwell D.C. - Texas

The Fit Active Examination and Corrective System has given me a new way to examining my patient's while giving them a clear cut highway to travel towards reaching their health goals. This new paradigm of care has allowed me as a clinician to take upcoming athletes from good to great to WOW!!
Dr. R Velez - Massachusetts

I have a very successful, high volume, multi-integrated chiropractic practice for nearly 30 years. All of our patients receive the Erchonia Laser, Percussor, chiropractic adjustments and nutritional support for the last 15 years. Six weeks ago we were introduced to the F.I.T.® System during a weekend seminar. We started the F.I.T.® System immediately on Monday with my newest employee with only a few of the F.I.T.® tests on some of our most difficult low back cases. These tests showed major imbalances that we previously did not identify and patients see more than ever the reason for laser treatment, percussion correction and a complete chiropractic program now including supervised Clinical Exercise correction by my staff. The results have been amazing and it all works with our current practice. It's another missing link we can utilize to help move our patients ahead, and they love it!
Dr. Bruce - Nebraska

I have performed over 23,000 sessions using the Erchonia laser and felt like I had a very good grasp of laser therapy.  What I learned was so "over the top" that my results since watching the DVD and attending the Advanced seminar have been more productive than I have ever hoped for.  The patients are very pleased, and conditions that seemed life-time-chronic have gone away.  I thank you, Dr. Rerucha, and encourage everyone with an interest in deepening your understanding of the laser and how it can benefits your patients, to take the information into your life as a healer.
Dr. Mark H.

The comprehensiveness of the information from Dr Jerome’s seminars, DVD’s and manuals has taken the confidence of my laser experience to a whole new level.
Dr. Will K. D.C.

Thank you, Thank you Thank you!!!!  The Advanced Laser Seminar with Dr Jerome Rerucha was a surprise bonanza for my cash flow, clinical programs and personal health and fitness. I was expecting to be overwhelmed with bucket loads of complex data that would require me to change the way I practice or make my long visits even longer.

What Dr Jerome did for us was to give us the secret code to managing the complex interactions between our practice resources, clinical decision making, and complex treatment protocols.  I could feel my income potential take a quantum leap just sitting there. It feels good to know that my next treatment plan is going to be more clinically potent and generate higher income with existing tools and products.  I got excited realizing that I could add resources and capabilities he presented in a step fashion to strengthen existing clinical programs and develop new programs in line with my established practice direction.

As we did hands on work shops with the tools and techniques being presented I felt better as chronic issues, that I just live, with began to shift.  I left the seminar feeling vitalized with more energy and sense of vitality than when I plopped my poor tired old butt in the chair on the first day.

I have been looking for time and money efficient ways to improve my performance as a 63 year old competing martial artist and ways that I can better support the athletic community.  Dr Jerome's focus on clinical and fitness integration has given me a practice track to run on moving me beyond symptom relief care to get my share of the fitness market.

Thank you also to Erchonia for providing the great clinical tools, the education on how to use them and the marketing resources to leverage my investment.
Dr. M Akers DC.