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Jerome Rerucha, D.C., B.S., C.S.C.S., C.H.P.S.

Certified Human Performance Specialist (C.H.P.S.)®

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Health Integration Technique (H.I.T.)®

Health Integration Technique (H.I.T.)® is a comprehensive program designed to educate health care practitioners on the unified “systems” of the body and the value of integrating the healing arts. The objective is to achieve a comprehensive understanding of how integrating these various healing arts will enhance the practitioner’s capabilities and facilitate a better outcome for the patient.

Healthcare professions, such as D.O.’s and M.D.’s generally specialize in one system (cardiovascular, endocrine, limbic system) and become a specialist in that system (cardiologist or endocrinologist, etc.). Some even, more narrowly, focus on a specific symptom of a disease (coronary artery disease, mitral valve disease, Marfan syndrome, Thyroid disease, etc) and provide specific tests and treatment predominately for the relief of symptoms.

Holistic healers such as chiropractors, acupuncturists, naturopaths, rolfers, homeopaths etc. have a multidimensional philosophy addressing systemic issues (physical, chemical and emotional), however, many still provide a one dimensional treatment protocol.

As important as any of the healing arts are, in their stereotypical, original, philosophical form, the practitioner who is expert in his/her field and who is capable of providing complimentary modes of healing, is able to develop a proper multidisciplinary treatment program to enhance patient results. These additional modes of treatment can be provided by the same professional or by creating relationships with other practitioners and the treatment program can be integrated between the practitioners. This is the service a true holistic healer provides.  As an example; being the best clinical nutritionist in the world and recommending the best supplements is not a substitute for including proper adjustments or clinical exercises.  Conversely, the best manual adjuster of subluxations, in the world, will add enormous benefits by providing soft tissue release and including basic nutritional protocols in order to maximize healing.