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Jerome Rerucha, D.C., B.S., C.S.C.S., C.H.P.S.

Certified Human Performance Specialist (C.H.P.S.)®

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F.I.T.® Exercise Videos

Detailed Narrative Presentations

F.I.T.® Exam Videos

Exam and Exercise Videos

Dr. Jerome has produced over 100 minutes of videos to further demonstrate these exams and exercises.  You can link to them directly from the F.I.T.® E-manual.

Performance Movement Analysis

The F.I.T.® examination benefits are equally important for better educating the typical patient who is only concerned about symptomatic relief. The F.I.T.® examination presents obvious imbalances anatomically related to their symptom but also educates on obvious contributing imbalances away from their primary concern. Even the symptomatic concerned patient is more likely to participate in a higher level of care when made better aware of contributing factors that can be changed.

 The F.I.T.® system is ultimately created to attract the active strength and fitness client, youth or adult, in your community, who currently is not coming in for services but is engaged in recreational or formal exercise training, and is used as a performance evaluation involving your expertise.

 The information determined by using the Fitness Integration Technique (F.I.T.)® Level 1 will help clinicians communicate programs of care.  A prescription of clinical exercises along with your current method of treatment will enhance every phase of care: neutral posture, movement, function and performance by identifying and improving soft tissue, structure, and neurological imbalances clearly measured and scored upon examination and re-examination; not just symptomatic need.
 The  cost of Fitness Integration Technique (F.I.T.)® Level 1 includes a password protected web access to all the written training materials, digital exam pictures, educational videos explaining proper technique of exams and each exam has an additional video explaining the findings of imbalances and asymmetries.  F.I.T.® Level 1 also includes customizable grid charts and the detailed digital exam grid pictures that allow you to record and score the client findings.

The goal of Fitness Integration Technique (F.I.T.)®is to enhance communication between trained clinicians and strength and fitness clients to develop integrated clinical and performance programs, for all ages and levels, and to improve the results.  Each clinician and/or performance specialist will excel in "active" examination procedures and provide a treatment solution of specific, prescribed "clinical exercise" programs to correct and optimize beyond the concept of ideal neutral posture. The results will enable the patient/client to graduate to optimum flexibility, strength, balance and agility in their movement, function and performance patterns administered by you: the recognized Movement and Performance Biomechanical Expert™.  

Essential Equipment

Dr. Jerome has made it easy and affordable to buy all the equipment you'll need to implement the Fitness Integration Technique (F.I.T.)® Level 1 system.  Check it out at our Online Store today.

F.I.T.® Myotome Videos

Each exam and myotome includes a detailed written description plus links to related Exam and Exercise Videos.  There are 100+ minutes of instructional video in all!​ 

Exam Sheets, Body Maps and Exercise Rx

The results of the Fitness Integration Technique (F.I.T.) evaluation is recorded on each individual examination digital grid picture and then transferred to the “body map” to display the comprehensive patterns of imbalance involving soft tissue and facial planes, structural and neurological asymmetries.  The information then assists the communication and application of professional treatment recommendations more clearly than ever before.

Fitness Integration Technique (F.I.T.)®

We are happy to announce that Fitness Integration Technique (F.I.T.)® Level 1 is now available for you to become a more elite practitioner than ever before: "a Performancepractor™"!

Learning a system and being recognized as a Movement and Performance Biomechanical Expert™ for your current clients, as well as being able to attract the strength and fitness consumer in your community, is the most missed opportunity in all of natural health care.

Fitness Integration Technique (F.I.T.)® is a standardized, active, reproducible, progressive system of patient/client evaluation at each of the following levels: neutral posture, movement, function, and performance. F.I.T.® is used to determine symmetry, asymmetry, strength and conditioning imbalances, proper range of motion and the flexibility/inflexibility of hard and soft tissue components resulting in a three-dimensional "body map."   This 3D Body Map helps the practitioner prioritize specific laser, adjustor and percussor treatments.  Imbalances are determined by evaluating and scoring single axis movements, in standard planes of motion, and graduating to multi-axial (skilled) movement patterns. Ultimately, the information transfers to open skill activity in daily life or elite athletic performance. This help the practitioner develop a specific clinical exercise prescription to compliment the care the client receives in the office.

The F.I.T.® Level 1 program includes the following components:

Fitness Integration Technique (F.I.T.)® Level 1 Manual

This 141 page E-Manual contains:

  • 28 page introduction
  • 49 pages of F.I.T.® Level 1 exams with links to exercise and exam videos
  • 37 pages of Myotome exams with links to instructional videos
  • Reproducible & customizable Exam Sheets (grid charts) and Body Maps

Case Studies

Dr. Jerome has performed the F.I.T.® System on many patients over the years.  The F.I.T.® Level 1 program provides  in-depth case studies which illustrate how efficient and powerful this technique is.  All case studies cover the F.I.T.® Level 1 Exam, Exam Narrative, Report of Findings and Treatment.

The Case Studies include:

  • Case Study #1:  Fabio - 4.25 hours of video
  • Case Study #2:  Nancy - 1.75 hours of video
  • Case Study #3:  James - 3.4 hours of video